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Club Excellence Conference

USSA Education Dept will be conducting a Club Excellence Conference at Buck Hill on Friday, Oct 27. Cost is $25/person

Registration link

Alpine Officials Update and Training

Our update and training weekend will be October 28 and 28 at Buck Hill. Information is in the link below.

Officials Update and Clinic Registration

You MUST fill out this form with your USSA number in order to get credit for coming to the Update. If you do not have a USSA number yet because you are not a member, it is ok, just write "not a member" in the USSA Number box.

SkillsQuest and Physical Assessment

We will be doing a SkillsQuest in conjunction with the Alpine Officials Update at Buck Hill on Saturday, Oct 28. Everyone is invited. Sign up will be through your MYUSSA account, just like our races, and is now open.

The USSA Physical Assessment will be run at St Thomas on Sunday, Oct 29. Talk to your coaches to see if you should participate. Registration is through your MYUSSA account and is now open



2017/18 Season

05/27/2016, 8:30am CDT
By Rick

We are looking forward to the 2017 / 2018 season. Registration is open. USSA and FIS registration are open. Go to to register for USSA.

Your Region 1 board has been hard at work this summer on a number of initiatives. We are continuing to look at ways to expand Lunar cup and we formed a Race Day Improvement committee last summer.  This committee looked at all aspects of the race day, from the pre-planning of each race weekend through the posting of results. The intent is to improve the operations of running a race and we continue to strive to do better.

Lunar Cup Launch

10/27/2015, 5:45pm CDT
By Rick

Have Fun, Stay Local, Race!

Region 1 is continuing the Lunar Cup in 2017! Lunar Cup is a 4 race series in and around the Twin Cities area for athletes under the age of 12. 

The Lunar Cup is designed for newer racers that are looking to test their skills against other athletes in the Twin Cities Area, but do not want to commit to a full non-scored racing schedule.

It is open to any athlete, including those receiving instruction outside of a full USSA club program, e.g., traveling ski schools: Blizzard, Ski Jammers, Otto Hollaus, or D-Teams, or Independents participating in NASTAR racing and the like.

Lunar Cup is easy, 1-stop shopping. Simply sign up for Lunar Cup and show up to the races. Lunar Cup fee's include all registrations you need to race in the series. Registration will be open soon.

For more information visit:

To register visit:


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