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R1 SkillsQuest Fitness Assessment, October 6

  • R1 SkillsQuest Fitness Assessment

    WHO: Ages U14-U21 and SRs (U12's welcome)

    WHEN: Sunday, October 6th

    WHERE: Saint Thomas Academy (949 Mendota Heights Rd, Mendota Heights, MN 55120)

    REGISTRATION: See bottom of page – all participants must register AND MUST be members of US Ski and Snowboard.


    Hello All,

    This weekend (Sunday, October 6) is the Conditioning Assessment - highlighted below. If you're newer to this deal, and not sure if it applies to you or your athlete, please call your coaches to discuss. It's a great measuring stick for fitness - based on years of developing a fitness assessment that measures skiing readiness. Skiers have been able to chart their fitness progress year-to-year with the data generated from this assessment. The event is mainly aimed at U14 and older athletes, but if you're an inspired U12, you're also encouraged to attend.

    It's open to any registered US Ski and Snowboard member (and, you will need to be REGISTERED) So, if you're planning to attend, then please first register for your US Ski and Snowboard Membership(s). EVERYONE participating must be US Ski and Snowboard registered for insurance purposes.

    All participants are still required to bring a completed WAIVER (attached).

    Athletes are encouraged to attend our annual CR1 (Central Region 1) Skills Fitness Assessment. The physical demands of ski racing require amazing strength, power, agility and balance. The fitness assessment is a wonderful place for athletes to come together in one venue to test their fitness level in key areas relative to Alpine Ski Racing. Region 1 utilizes the US Ski & Snowboard Skills Quest Fitness Assessment which was developed by the Sports Science Department.  

    The testing protocol can be found here

    Please attend this FUN and REWARDING event! St. Olaf College athletes will also be testing – see how you match up to one of the leaders in Collegiate Ski Racing! Team Central members and Central All-Stars are required to attend this event in order to receive team benefits.  

    PARENTS: If you are interested in volunteering to help run the event, simply pitch in day-of. HELP: If you are interested in helping record the test scores, we will also have paper recording available.  

    DETAILS: Sunday, October 6th starting at 9:30AM ending before 1:00PM

    Location: Saint Thomas Academy (949 Mendota Heights Rd, Mendota Heights, MN 55120)

    Here is the schedule for Sunday's Fitness Assessment:

    9:30 AM – arrive at or before, set-up

    9:30 AM - 9:45 AM registration & Waiver collection & set-up

    9:45 AM - Testing parameters and explanations + testing starts.

    1:00 PM - Testing complete (we will have staggered groups starting – so some will finish earlier.)  

    REGISTER: Athletes are required to pre-register for the event on our google form HERE

    WAIVER: All participants must sign the waiver – HERE

    There is no cost for this event!

    CR1 Coaches Committee

2019-2020 CR1 Registration and Fee Structure Changes

May 7, 2019


Dear Central Division Region 1 Member and Parents,


We wanted to let the parents and athletes know about a change in our fee structure for Central Division and its Regions. CR 1, 2, 3, and 4 jointly decided, after a year of work, to have our National, Divisional and Regional fees collected at one time through the national registration process at the US Ski and Snowboard, your MYUSSA account. We will no longer be registering or paying through this website.

This change will affect all athletes from U8 through Seniors, including college.

The request that a “one-stop shop” for all fees and registrations for the Division and the Regions came from parents that wanted to streamline our registration process, instead of having to do it twice. Along with this, it will, hopefully, alleviate some confusion as to what has been paid and what hasn’t as we enter a new ski season. This change will make it so there is no chance that any of the Regional fees will be missed by athletes and cause issues at races.  

Moving our registrations and fees under US Ski and Snowboard will makes our deadlines the same as theirs. U19 and older athletes that plan to participate in FIS (an additional cost not noted in the table below) must be paid by August 15, 2019 to avoid late fees. All other athletes must be paid by October 15, 2019 to avoid late fees. If you have questions about whether you should sign up for FIS or not, talk to your coaches.  

Below is the breakdown of costs.






AC U12 = Alpine Comp U12 & under





AC U14 = Alpine Competitor U14





AC U16 = Alpine Competitor U16 & Over







Thank you,

Central Division R1 Executive Board



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