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PRELIMINARY 2020-2021 Calendar

The attached calendar is a preliminary calendar for this coming season. It is subject to change due to weather, COVID restrictions from the State of Minnesota, the local county and city, the MN Ski Areas Association, the ski area hosting us, US Ski and Snowboard, Central Division, and CR1. CR1 Board of Directors is doing everything in our power to set up a user friendly calendar that has enough dates for our athletes to complete throughout the season as allowed, but we are also trying to anticipate any issues that may arise mid-season.

US Ski and Snowboard just published and sent to members guidelines for COVID preparedness. It is posted on their website also. Please read this and make yourself aware of the guidelines to help all of us move and compete through this time in our country. CR1 Board will do everything in its power to keep our members as up to date as possible.

Registration Deadlines

Registration on US Ski and Snowboard for the 2020-2021 season is open and will start assessing late fees on October 15th 2020. Central R1 registration will continue as it did last season, through USS&S national registration. Our PRELIMINARY calendar is posted above and race registration will open in November.

How to Register for a Region 1 Race

  1. Go to and sign in to your account
  2. Click on the athlete member that you want to sign up to race so you are on their dashboard
  3. Click on “Athlete Event Registration”
  4. Click on “Add Another Competition”
  5. Click on “Search Competitions” and be patient, this takes a little time
  6. Scroll down until you see the competition you would like to enter your child in
  7. Click on “Add to Cart” on all that you would like to enter now
    1. You may choose to sign up every week or do the whole season at once
    2. Refunds are possible: If you request a refund via email to by the Thursday before the weekend you wish to cancel, you will receive all of your entries back, minus a service fee. If you request a refund after Thursday, your refund is at the discretion of the Region 1 Administrator
  8. Once you have added all the races you want to pay for, then scroll back up and click “View Cart” or “Check Out” to start the payment process
  9. Click “Register” to continue
  10. You will be asked for your credit card information every time, it is not stored
    1. PLEASE NOTE: For the U14s and younger at Afton on Dec 14-15, there is no fee so you will not be prompted for credit card information


All races have a registration deadlines of Tuesday and Thursday of the week that the specific race is being held. Example: Spirit Mtn 1/2-3/2021 has a Tuesday on time registration deadline of 12/29 and a Thursday late fee deadline of 12/31.

On Tuesday at midnight the regular entry fee price will change to a late fee. The online late fee is $10/day.

On Thursday the online registration will close completely. The only way to register then is via email through by Friday at noon. This has a late fee of $20/day.

There will not be any onsite entries accepted.

2019-2020 CR1 Registration and Fee Structure Changes

May 7, 2019


Dear Central Division Region 1 Member and Parents,


We wanted to let the parents and athletes know about a change in our fee structure for Central Division and its Regions. CR 1, 2, 3, and 4 jointly decided, after a year of work, to have our National, Divisional and Regional fees collected at one time through the national registration process at the US Ski and Snowboard, your MYUSSA account. We will no longer be registering or paying through this website.

This change will affect all athletes from U8 through Seniors, including college.

The request that a “one-stop shop” for all fees and registrations for the Division and the Regions came from parents that wanted to streamline our registration process, instead of having to do it twice. Along with this, it will, hopefully, alleviate some confusion as to what has been paid and what hasn’t as we enter a new ski season. This change will make it so there is no chance that any of the Regional fees will be missed by athletes and cause issues at races.  

Moving our registrations and fees under US Ski and Snowboard will makes our deadlines the same as theirs. U19 and older athletes that plan to participate in FIS (an additional cost not noted in the table below) must be paid by August 15, 2019 to avoid late fees. All other athletes must be paid by October 15, 2019 to avoid late fees. If you have questions about whether you should sign up for FIS or not, talk to your coaches.  

Thank you,

Central Division R1 Executive Board


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