To volunteer for a race please visit the DIBS page. Tips and tricks are here:

There are many jobs on and off the hill when a race is going on and most of them are volunteer jobs filled by the parents of the racers. The more involved parents are in the support jobs, the better the race will go. 

Some of these jobs require no US Ski and Snowboard membership, others require just a USSS membership and still others require USSS Alpine Officials Certification (these requirements will be noted in all job descriptions). If you hold no USSS membership, a Volunteer Waiver from the Race Office is all that needs to be signed before you go out on the hill or start your job for the day. All Race Support Staff positions should sign up on the Region 1 website Volunteer Signup form (DIBS) to ensure getting the job you want.

Race Jury (appointed by Region 1)

  • Technical Delegate*
  • Chief of Race*
  • Referee*
  • Assistant Referee*

Head Race Staff (appointed by Region 1)

  • Race Administrator
  • Chief of Timing and Calculations

Race Support Staff (use volunteer sign up)

  • Race Office Assistants
  • Timing Assistants
  • Start Referee**
  • Finish Referee**
  • Assistant Starter
  • Hand Timers
  • Hand Time Recorders
  • Chief of Course
  • Course Crew
  • Chief Gate Judge
  • Gate Judges
  • Scoreboard Recorder
  • PA Announcer

*Voting member of the Jury 
**Jury Advisors – non-voting members of the Jury that can assist with issues.