Volunteering is an enjoyable and important part of our ski racing community.

Region 1 races are run by parent volunteers and coaches. 

At least 1 parent / guardian is needed to volunteer at at least ½ of the races your athlete attends for the system to work because ski racing requires many volunteers. 

Please signup early for volunteer positions so that we can plan races and avoid last minute staffing issues.

There are two types of jobs. Race Support Staff can just signup and show up. Officials have to go through a 1-day training certification process and maintain a USSS license. This process occurs in November of each year before the ski season commences. We will post signup and other information here and send it out to the community.

See all of the jobs under the Job Descriptions tab.


There are indoor jobs, outdoor jobs, jobs that you get to ski for and jobs that you can do without skis. Your commitment allows you to get to know other parents, enjoy the race day, and help us run efficient, fair and fun races. 

If you hold no USSS membership, a Volunteer Waiver from the Race Office is all that needs to be signed before you go out on the hill or start your job for the day.   When you check in, you will sign the waiver at each race. 

All Race Support Staff positions should sign up on the Region 1 website Volunteer Signup form (DIBS) to ensure getting the job you want.

Race Jury Officials (appointed by Region 1)

  • Technical Delegate
  • Chief of Race
  • Referee
  • Assistant Referee (speed only)

Other Officials (must be certified; sign up through DIBS)

  • Race Administrator
  • Chief of Timing and Calculations
  • Chief of Course
  • Start Referee
  • Finish Referee

Race Support Staff
(use volunteer sign up through DIBS; no certification or USSS membership required))

  • Race Office Assistants
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Timing Assistants
  • Assistant Starter
  • Hand Timers
  • Hand Time Recorders
  • Course Worker / Course Crew
  • Chief Gate Judge
  • Gate Judges
  • Scoreboard Recorder
  • PA Announcer