USSS CR1 – 2023-2024 Alpine Officials Update and Training Opportunities - Listed Below 
It typically takes 35 to 40 parent volunteers to put on a race for even our youngest athletes and we need everyone’s help to put on a fair and fun event. Our great group of current parent volunteers, most of whom also started as “newbies”, will provide shadowing/mentoring opportunities throughout the season for new volunteers to ease the transition into alpine ski volunteering. There are a couple of Alpine Officials training opportunities this fall.

2023-2024 Alpine Officials Clinic will be in Duluth has been postponed due to no sign ups. If you are interested in becoming a certified COR or REF, please contact Caryn Jones at to work out a time to take the clinic and test.

Registration for the Duluth Clinic HERE.

Alpine Competition Officials Education Resources

The resource page has been updated with the new 23-24 information and study guides. Please read and study your information before you come to the clinic.


Planning is well underway for this upcoming season and that includes continuing our incredible tradition of parents providing most of the people power we need to run efficient, fun, and fair races for our kids.

Our kids need you to be part of this tradition so please take the following steps right away to prep for the season (<5 minutes):

1) Have each parent fill out our Region 1 Key Volunteers Survey 

2) If you are a certified Alpine Official, you MUST attend an annual Rules Update every other year. The Central Division Alpine Officials Update has already happened so you are welcome to find another one in a different part of the country through US Ski and Snowboard website Offcials page. Please plan on attending at least every other year. See you next Fall

3) If you are not already certified, but want to be, plan now to attend our Alpine Officials Clinic and Testing in Duluth, which is being postponed until further notice. If you are interested sign up through the link above and let know.

More detailed information is below for those of you who are thinking about becoming an official, but aren't sure where to start.

Thank you for all you do and contact me anytime with questions.

-Bill Titler

Region 1 Training Coordinator




Additional Info:

We ask parents who have been in the sport for more than a year or two to consider getting certified as an Alpine Official. There are a number of positions that require certification and it helps races run far better to have more parents/guardians certified.

To continue to run fun, fair, and efficient races, your kids need you as the parents to step up and get certified as a race official. This allows you to fill key roles during races and gives you useful background no matter what role you fill. 

Are you already certified? You will need to renew your USSS Alpine Officials license, ensure you are current with SafeSport and other training requirements, and attend a virtual “Rules Update” Oct 26th. The Zoom call details will be sent out once set.


1) Save the date for either November 11 or 12 at Buck Hill from approximately 8:30am - 3pm or November 18 or 19 at Duluth, times TBD.

2) All parents/guardians for each athlete must individually fill out this survey. If you have multiple athletes, you just need to fill it out once. (It is common to have both parents volunteering at a race.)

It takes you less than 2 minutes to complete this form which will help us match you with the best volunteering role for you during the 2023-2024 season. 

No ski racing experience is required!

Here is background on the positions that require certification:

Chief of Race (oversees the logistics of Race Day)

Chief of Timing (oversees timing to ensure efficient and fair race)

Chief of Course (oversees course workers and race day equipment)

Race Administrator (manages the administration of race paperwork and filing)

Start / Finish Referee (sets up start or finish and marks down racers as they go through)

Referee (generally a role assigned to coaches)

While there are other volunteer positions that do not require certification, we REALLY NEED parents to get certified in order to have enough available volunteers for the races.

We can recommend which position to get certified for based on your interests and experience plus our areas of need if you don't know for sure. 

Thank you!

Questions: Contact the volunteer coordinator for your team or the Training Coordinator for CR1, Bill Titler



Do I have to volunteer? 

Yes. Most of our clubs require that you volunteer during the season. Parents typically need to volunteer in 50-75% of the races where their children participate.

Do I have to get certified?

No, but we really need you to. Getting certified allows you to fill one of the key roles on the hill and, if we don't have certified volunteers for these roles, we can't run safe, efficient, and fun races for our young athletes.

Do I need to be an expert in ski racing to do this?

No. The majority of volunteers were not ski racers themselves. We provide mentorship and support on the hill to make sure that volunteers are able to learn the jobs they agree to do.

How big of a time commitment is volunteering in a key position?

The positions vary. Several positions are just "day of" positions where you show up in the morning with your racers and work throughout the day. 

Chief of Race and Chief of Course require some pre-planning and coordination with the hill and with CR1 administration to ensure the logistics of the race are setup ahead of time. Note that we have potential Start/Finish Refs get the Chief of Race certification but we will not push you into a Chief of Race job unless you are interested.

Which position should I get certified for?

You can choose a position that you feel would be a good fit for you:

Like being outside and on skis… choose Chief of Course

Enjoy the warmth of the timing shack or race office… choose Chief of Timing or Race Administrator

Like working at the start/finish… choose Chief of Race training and you can also serve as a start or finish ref.

Will I get paid for this?

We do not compensate volunteers, but volunteers who fulfill certified positions on at least three race days during the season can request reimbursement of the cost of their Alpine Officials license from USSS ($80) from Region One.

As a non-profit volunteer, you may be allowed to deduct any of the expenses you incur in travel/food / etc. that are related to your volunteering from your taxes.  (consult your tax advisor). If your position requires that you ski (typically all certified positions except timing and finish referee) you will get a lift ticket for the day.