The Planet Cup was introduced in 2003 as a season-long series recognizing excellence in U14 and under racers.  Standings will be kept for Slalom (SL), Giant Slalom (GS) and the Overall by place points.


Athletes will be broken down by gender and into age classes (U10, U12 and U14) and awarded points for finishes in each race according to the table below.  All Planet Cup competitors must be members of USSA and Region 1 to receive Planet Cup Points

The individual competitor’s best 8 of 14 SL races and best 6 of 10 GS races in the respective disciplines will determine the season-long standings.  Kombi races are not included. The Overall will be determined by the athlete’s best 14 of 24 finishes, regardless of discipline.  

In the event of a canceled race, the number of races used to determine season-long standings will be based on one more than half of the total races held in that discipline (rounded down if an odd number – eg 4 of 7, 5 of 9, 6 of 11, etc.).  For the overall title, we will count 60% of the total races held.  Note that NO USSA Junior Championship qualifying race will be scored for Planet Cup.

At the end of the season, ties between two or more athletes with the same number of points will be broken by the athlete who has the greater number of first place finishes.  In the event the tied athletes have the same number of first place finishes, the tie will then be broken the number of second place finishes, and so on, until the tie can be broken.

End of the season Planet Cup Championship awards will be on Saturday, February 25th.  Awards will be presented to the top 10 places in each age group for each discipline (slalom and GS) and overall.  

Past Overall Winners

Year SL Winner GS Winner Overall Winner
2016 Girls Madison Dean Madison Dean Madison Dean
2016 Boys Josh Doolittle Josh Doolittle Josh Doolittle
2015 Girls Katherine Nelson Becca Divine Kendra Winberg
2015 Boys Isaiah Nelson Isaiah Nelson Isaiah Nelson