End of the season Lunar Cup awards will be handed out at the last designated race on the schedule.  Awards will be presented to all competitors by Age Group (U8, U10, U12) and Gender.


Athletes will be broken down by gender and into age classes (U8, U10, U12) and awarded points for finishes in each race according to the world cup points system. The individual competitor’s best 5 of 8 race runs will determine the season-long standings.

In the event of a canceled race, the number of races used to determine season-long standings will be based on one more than half of the total races held in that discipline (rounded down if an odd number – eg 4 of 7, 5 of 9, 6 of 11, etc.),

At the end of the season, ties between two or more athletes with the same number of points will be broken by the athlete who has the greater number of first place finishes.  In the event the tied athletes have the same number of first place finishes, the tie will then be broken the number of second place finishes, and so on, until the tie can be broken.

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