Concussions to young athletes are in the news because of high profile athletes and former athletes suffering short and long term issues. With new research and studies being done all over lawmakers have taken steps to help protect athletes through legislation. This section of the Region 1 website will help navigate the different laws and policies that we must follow as part of US Ski and Snowboard and a youth sport in MN that charges money to participate.

Central R1 is complying with MN State Law and US Ski and Snowboard Policy on concussions by publishing MN State Law and US Ski and Snowboard Policy on our web page, For purposes of R1’s organized US Ski and Snowboard races, R1 is requiring all certified officials and coaches regularly working within R1 to take the CDC Heads Up quiz annually.

Please Note: All Alpine Officials working a US Ski and Snowboard race in a position that requires US Ski and Snowboard membership must take and pass the CDC Concussion quiz, Heads Up, on the CDC website, or equivelant, annually before they are allowed to work any positions that require a US Ski and Snowboard Membership. We encourage all parents and volunteers to take this quiz so they can also learn more about this important issue.

The US Ski and Snowboard policy in general states that any athlete that has sustained a suspected concussion must be sat immediately and will be unable to return to training or competition until that athlete has been cleared by a Certified Concussion Doctor. When the suspected concussion occurs the US Ski and Snowboard office is to be notified and that athlete's membership will be put on hold until the USSA Signed release form is received by the US Ski and Snowboard Competition Services Office in Park City UT or by the TD at a competition. Please go to the US Ski and Snowboard website to read the details of this new policy and become familiar with it as it will affect one of your athletes this winter.

MN State Concussion Laws

USSS Concussion Policy

Concussion Training and Quiz