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Volunteer of the Year and Athlete Sportsmanship Awards for 2023-24 Season Named

CR1 loves our partners, volunteers and athletes and we want to recognize them! 

We have Volunteer of the Year for those volunteers that go above and beyond all year to make sure our races are the quality that our athletes and parents expect. Volunteering is the only way we get our races to happen and without them we wouldn't ski race anywhere. There are countless hours put in by so many.

We also want to celebrate those athletes that make our day better. Ski racing isn't just about teaching athletes how to win, all our programs strive to help parents create whole, well-rounded people that do have and will continue to have a positive impact on the world we live in. One male and one female athlete will be recognized by CR1 from your nominations of athletes that have great attitudes, are always looking for the positive in each situation, and are cheering on their fellow athletes, no matter where they finish.

CR1 added Partner of the Year to celebrate our relationship with our ski area partners that go above and beyond the normal schedule of events. Our relationship with the ski areas is vital to the success of our program, without them, we would do nothing. They show up early and stay late to help us run great races throughout the whole season come rain or shine or very, very cold. Every once and a while we have one step up more than the norm and helps save our season, this is our Partner of the Year because without them, we would not have had much of a season.


Volunteer of the Year goes to Gavin McLain and Jonathan Hopke. 

Also nominated were: John Barrett, Sarah Barrett, Scott Burns, Amy Carlson, Paul Humbert, John Kim, Rob McCroskey, David Mueller, Nick Richardson, Matt Stein, Mike Strahl, Heather Wendorf, and Skip Wipson.

Athlete Sportsmanship Award goes to Petey Jones and Jaclyn Lundeen.

Also nominated were: Artim Amrayan, Aeofe Barrett, Lily Bean, Eric Carlson, Ellie Hirn, Claire Humbert, Owen McLain, Fin Mulligan, Mac Mulligan, Sean Nolan, and Bennett Simmering.

Partner of the Year goes to Giants Ridge

Congratulations to all winners and nominees. CR1 is a better place because of all these people. THANK YOU!!

2023-2024 CR1 Award Winners

Welcome to the official website for Central Division R1 (CR1) of the United States Ski & Snowboard.  The Central Division consists of the following states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Missouri.    CR1 consists of Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota; the other states listed above belong to CR2, CR3, and CR4.

CR1 plans and hosts races throughout the winter season to give our athletes opportunities to compete in Slalom, Giant Slalom, and Super G at all levels throughout our area, traditionally December through March.   

2023-2024 CR1 Race Calendar

Below is the schedule for this coming season. It is a PDF of an excel spreadsheet. If you have questions about it, please start with your coaches or program director. This calendar includes non-scored and scored in CR1, FIS in CR1 and Central, FIS in CO, U16 races in CO, and divisional and regional projects. The CR1 non-scored, scored, FIS, and Central FIS will be added to the Calendar page soon.

2023-2024 Season


All Athletes, Officials, and Coaches must have a valid United States Ski & Snowboard (USSS) membership.  You can log-in to your account on to register and/or renew your USSS membership for the upcoming 2023-2024 season.

CR1 membership will continue as it did last season, through USSS national registration and be noted in your cart before you check-out.

RACE REGISTRATION will be changing this year. We are going to use to register for all our races.

More specific race day information will be posted each race week on the Race Day info section of this website.


Our calendar is posted above, and will be found on the calendar tab soon.  The PDF will be dated, updated when appropriate for a go-to reference point.


Volunteering is an enjoyable and important part of our ski racing community.

Region 1 races are run by parent volunteers and coaches. 

At least 1 parent / guardian is needed to volunteer at at least ½ of the races your athlete attends for the system to work because ski racing requires many volunteers. 

Please signup early for volunteer positions so that we can plan races and avoid last minute staffing issues.

Learn more on our volunteer page now.

Team Captains' Meetings

Here is the link to all information that coaches need for the Team Captains' Meetings. It will get you to a Google file that has a paper with the ZOOM link and files for each age group. In those files are athlete lists, race announcement, and medical plan. Everything for race day will be done through WhatsApp for FIS and Telegram for Scored and Non-Scored.



Meeting Schedule (all at 6:30 PM) Link to all meetings on the Board of Directors page (under Member Resources) on this website.

COVID-19 Information and requirements.

Please follow national, state, local, and US Ski and Snowboard regulations.

2023-2024 central projects


For Divisional, Regional, and National projects, more information will be posted on USSS website.

Pierce Tuning Seminars

Athletes and parents, learn to tune your skis by a professional so you can get that perfect tune when you are traveling to races! Contact Pierce Skate and Ski for details. (952)884-1990

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