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Region Wide Events

The calendar for this coming season has been UPDATED 1/16/2021. Please read the information about our calendar below.

No matter how much planning was done over the summer and fall, the calendar is still subject to change due to weather, COVID restrictions from the State of Minnesota, the local county and city, the MN Ski Areas Association, the ski area hosting us, US Ski and Snowboard, Central Division, and CR1. CR1 Board of Directors has done everything in our power to set up a user friendly calendar that has enough dates for our athletes to complete throughout the season as allowed, but we also must try to anticipate any issues that may arise mid-season.

US Ski and Snowboard published and sent guidelines for COVID preparedness to members in September. It is posted on their website also. Please read this and make yourself aware of the guidelines to help all of us move and compete through this time in our country. CR1 Board will do everything in its power to keep our members as up to date as possible.

These US Ski and Snowboard COVID policies have and will affect many aspects of our season this year:

1.     Please be flexible as things may change often and quickly.

2.     US Ski and Snowboard Scored and Non-Scored racing will not start until January 1. FIS will be allowed to race in December.

3.     U16 athletes will not be allowed to race outside Central Division until February 1.

4.     U14 and younger athletes will not be allowed to race outside Central Division at all. This cancels the Rocky/Central U14 Junior Championship, so Central will be having a special U14 Central Junior Championships in March.

5.     Race day numbers will be limited to 100 athletes at a ski area in one day. Once this number has been reached within the registration systems, the race will close automatically. Please sign up only for races you actually plan to attend. DO NOT clog up our system with "just in case you might race", this will cause other athletes to not be able to race.

6.     Because of the limited numbers we have separated our Scored and Non-Scored races to different ski areas on weekends they both race. And for many races, we have separated gender by day, boys one day and girls the other. This is noted clearly on the schedule, please look carefully.

7.     Registration for races will open in stages throughout the season. Late fees will be imposed on the last day each registration is open with no refunds after registration closes. Specifics on this process will be posted soon.

8.     CR1 athletes will be given the chance to register for our races first before other Central athletes (with a few noted exceptions) up until the Saturday (7 days prior to race weekend) before the race they are planning to attend. Once this deadline passes, other Central athletes will be allowed to sign up until the race fills or the registration closes.

There will be more information posted here so keep checking back!

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