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Buck Hill Duals / DJ Tengdin Memorial Duals Results

All the results from Saturday are posted below. Inspection on Sunday for everyone will be at 8:15am again.


 2017-2018 race results will be available in MyUSSA once the results have been submitted to USSA.

Please go to

Sign into the the system; select Event Look-up; filter to view races for the results for your specific race; then click on the race code to see the results.  


Also results can be found at during and after the races.

Planet Cup Scoring

We will be updating Planet Cup scoring as soon as we find more volunteers to help run the spreadsheets. We are very short of help in this area and would love anyone who knows Excel to let us know they are willing to help.

Planet Cup is scored on a "Per Run" basis so every run you take counts. The results are produced in such a way that the 2nd run doesn't always show up, but we know what they are and will be counting them all. We are trying to get that fixed through the software company so you can see your 2nd run time even if you didn't finish your 1st.