Rocky/Central U16 Region Junior Championship Selections

First and second year U16's can qualify to participate in the R/C U16 Jr. Championships. Selections for the Rocky/Central U16 Region Junior Championships are done at the Central Division level and based on results from Central Division Championships in Marquette, MIScoring and Rules can be found here:

Central Division Selections page.

U16 National Championships

U16 athletes can also qualify to attend U16 national championships based on performance at the Rocky/Central U16 Region Junior Championships. Selection process can be found on the Central Division Selections page.

Team Central

Team Central was formed to identify, support, develop, and provide recognition to Central Division athletes with exceptional ski racing and leadership talent. If named to Team Central, Central Division will help support the financial needs of athletes who have reached an elite level of performance in Central Division. The objective is to help elite level athletes achieve the next level of competitive excellence.

Selection process for Team Central can be found in the Central Division Handbook on Central Divisions site.